Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Celebrating Canada Part II

Our holiday continued, travelling though the province of Alberta. 
Day number 5.

I hoped to see the Columbian Icefields; The Athabasca Glacier, but the 2 ½ hour journey would take us through some incredible sights, so no promises. We rose the following morning, packed a picnic lunch and began traveling north, towards Jasper.  The road took us through mountains and past gorgeous glacier fed lakes. My husband and I took turns driving. 

We couldn't help but pull over at the designated sight seeing locations and just 'take it in'. Spectacular scenery wowed us around every turn.  We stopped at the side of a road, ate our lunch and simply enjoyed the lake and mountain.

Arriving at the glacier late afternoon, the ice field is worth the trip.  At an elevation of about 3000 metres, it's spectacular. The area is well fenced off so a tour company takes those interested onto the ice.

Unfortunately, it's melting at an accelerated rate. Signs shows how it's receding.

Posted signs remind those that are a little too adventurous that rescue teams will come out if you happen to fall into a deep crevice, but you will probably lose your life to hypothermia. 
Dressed in a t-shirt, capris and a cardigan, we hiked up the mountain, along with a lot of other tourists and gazed at the ice and the scenery surrounding it. 


Leaving the ice, we headed for the tourist information centre and bought tickets for the Glacier Skywalk. 

This glass bottom walkway was the brain child of a tour bus driver. Nice! That person deserves a raise and perhaps a promotion for thinking outside the box. 
I had reservations heading to this attraction. I have been up the CN Tower, a landmark in Toronto a number of times, but struggle to step onto the glass bottom. My fear of heights kicks into high gear. 
We were offered audio devices to listen to a narrator. 

Interpretive stations are set up with pictures and descriptions along the short walk to the lookout. I approached the glass, took a look down and thought, I can do this. 

Catherine was still taking pics when I took my first baby step. No problem, I took another. I took a few more steps, looked back at my friend and said, 'Look at me' and grinned like a fool. 

We were on the far side of the walk when Catherine dared me to jump on it. The tourists around us thought we'd lost it as a few hung on the railing for dear life, but we jumped and took some foolish pictures. 

We were on the top of the world. Well, really high up in Canada. The pictures do not do this area justice. If you have the opportunity, plan a holiday. You won't regret it. 

Happy 150th birthday to our glorious nation. 

Last month I mentioned a super high waterfall. I promise, I'll tell you all about that on next month's blog.