Monday, 3 April 2017

Smooching - How much can you take?


Last month on the blog I discussed the average attention span. Picking up on that theme, I heard another interesting statistic. 
This one has me equally baffled. According to a survey, people are willing to watch a kissing scene for twelve seconds. Now granted, twelve seconds doesn't sound very long, but think about it. 
This survey wasn't using a couple having short sweet kisses while talking or giggling. We are referring about a full blown, wet, get the heart pumping kiss. 
I challenge you. Set a timer for twelve seconds.
Now, imagine watching a couple go at it. Not a couple on the big screen, but an average couple. 
One thousand…two thousand. 
Keep watching that couple.
You're not even half way there yet. 
When you've had enough, how many seconds area left on the timer?

There is a reason the camera angle changes during a 'Hollywood' kissing scene. You've watched the characters in that relationship grow and develop, but still, enough is enough. I think that is why the director uses sheer curtains, a fence, something, anything to add dimension to the scene. Even the character's hands get in the way of the lip lock. 
As you can guess, twelve seconds, in my mind, is way too long to watch. 

So, back to the 8.5 second attention span. I think during the kiss the viewers mind is wandering for at least 3.5 seconds. 


  1. Hmmm. Might it depend on how much one is getting ? Maybe the less kissing one partakes in the more one might watch. Or less, for the opposite reason.
    What i have noticed in movies is the time between first kiss and clothes coming off - 99% of movies its less than 8 seconds of camera. Ive clocked it. What ever happened to anticipation.

    Btw, never saw your blog before now. Cool.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hmmm. I wonder if time able to comfortably watch kissing has anything to do with how much kissing one is experiencing....

    What gets me is 99% of movies that the clothes come off no more than 8 seconds after first contact. What ever happened to anticipation ???

    Btw i didnt know you had a blog till now.

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