Monday, 1 August 2016

Only in Canada?

Canadians are known as a very loving, compassionate bunch. I'm a proud Canadian. 
My husband and I were on the way home from town, driving our side road. Normally there isn't a lot of traffic on our road, at least compared to a highway. 
I noticed something on the edge of the road, close to the intersection. At first I thought someone had dumped their garbage. It doesn't happen very often, but it infuriates me. Either way, I don't want to hit it. 
As we approached I watched that object. It wasn't garbage, but a Canada goose. That intersection happens to have a white line that goes half way across the road. Almost like a crosswalk. This is not the least bit normal for a side road. Anyway, that crazy, or perhaps intelligent goose was standing by the line, looking around. 
"Smart goose," I inform my husband. "Momma and Poppa taught her well. She is looking both ways before crossing."

Not trusting the goose to dart across, my husband stopped the car, before he reached the line. Within a minute, cars were at all four points of the intersection. No one moved. All four cars remained still as the people in the vehicles watched the goose. 
The critter never moved. 
"This is crazy," my husband informed me. "We could be here all day." He pulled out, and slowly passed the goose while I watched from the side window, ensuring the critter was stationary. We proceeded to go through the intersection. Watching through the side mirror, apparently the goose decided it was her turn. After all, pedestrians do have the right of way.

She slowly worked her way across the road. Keeping an eye on the vehicles, no one moved. Two trucks and a car could easily cross the east/west intersection without harming the little darling, but no one moved. The goose made it across and the traffic resumed as usual.  

Only in Canada, eh!